IT Consulting from the heart of Europe

Windjammer IT was established in 2018 by Christoffer Bjørk Pedersen to provide bespoke IT services and systems from Europe to the world. With a 100% remote team, Windjammer embraces the “digital nomad” lifestyle to provide tailor-made services to clients remotely or on site




Our services

Systems and IT Consulting

Do you or your team need an upgraded IT system?  Better network resource management? Are you considering deploying your internal systems to the cloud, or from the cloud to an in-house server setup?  Windjammer IT can help!


Windjammer can set up ultra-secure VPN systems on as small or as large a scale as you need.  We recommend the SoftEther protocol, as it has proven effective at allowing secure communications and data usage through even state-level firewalls.  We can customise your VPN to run automatically on all your internal systems and/or deploy with a branded customised interface if so desired.  Contact us for details!



Windjammer IT was born from years of work providing IT security across a variety of industries. We can offer security consulting and design more secure systems and operating procedures for your team. We can also arrange vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and assistance with vulnerability remediation if so desired, for websites, web applications, or networks.



Do you need a bigger, faster, more secure network setup? Are you evaluating the possibilities of implementing SAP systems or better integrated internal networks? We can help!

Our team

Christoffer Bjørk Pedersen is a world-travelling digital nomad. Born Scandinavian but raised in Africa, Christoffer has spent time on all the continents, gathering extensive experience in IT systems, communications, and languages along the way. A graduate of Oxford University holding two MAs, he has worked with maritime training for Maersk as well as technical support and management within the IT security and insurance data handling, among other things. He founded Windjammer IT in 2018 to apply his experience to clients both locally in Europe and globally to enterprises needing consultants with particular skillsets.

Christoffer currently resides in Tavira, Portugal.








Silvia Cristina de Oliveira Teixeira has taken a circuitous path towards her career in IT, starting out with modeling and then working as a lawyer in her home city of Rio de Janeiro. To get a change of scenery and to work with systems to improve peoples’ daily lives, she switched to IT, where she devours knowledge and takes on every course available, becoming a full-stack developer with a passion for networks and databases. She joined Windjammer doo in 2018 to continue practising and improving her skills remotely.

Silvia currently resides in Portugal.